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Since October 1994, The Edmonton Community Network has promoted Internet literacy through providing affordable Internet access and low cost or free training classes. They have also provided free internet access to those without computers through public access terminals in libraries and other public locations. For over 10 years they have made the values and benefits of electronic communication available to the Edmonton community for significantly lower price than major commercial Internet service providers.

In January of 2005, ECN suffered financial difficulties and was forced to go into receivership and liquidate its assets. At this time Tera-Byte Dot Com Inc. was able to purchase the assets of ECN and was able to offer the dial-up Internet service once again.

Tera-Byte is committed to continuing the Edmonton Community Networks’ mandate to promote Internet Literacy in the community by providing Internet access at the lowest cost possible.

About Tera-Byte

Tera-Byte Dot Com Inc. is a leading provider of web hosting services, including shared hosting, rented and co-located servers in Canada. It is a privately held corporation in the city of Edmonton, and has been in business for over 10 years, with a current client base of over 3 million customers worldwide. Our main office and datacenter is located in the Terminal level of the CN Tower, 10004-104 Avenue in downtown Edmonton and we also maintain an administrative office in Agassiz B.C. and a technical office in Vermilion Ohio.

Tera-Byte Dot Com Inc. is committed to "excellence in customer satisfaction" through Quality in product design, support and service while continuously researching and implementing new features.

Tera-Byte’s management is committed to build on its industry leadership by providing total quality in customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional uptime, stability and support, which continuously meet or exceed their performance requirements.

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