Afghanistan War and Environment Archive


Snow leopard may be war casualty in Afghanistan war - [archive]

Afghan War and Wildlife - [archive]

Afghan danger for migrating birds - [archive]

NATIONAL SECURITY TRUMPS ENDANGERED SPECIES: A federal appeals court - [archive]

The Environmental Price of the Afghan War - [archive]

Birds 'missing' after US bombing - [archive]


Rainforest Crunch Time - The U.S. takes the war against terrorism to the Amazon - [archive]

Kabul Zoo

Animal victims of Afghan conflict - [archive]

Animals trapped at Kabul zoo - [archive]

N.C. Zoo to help animals in Kabul - [archive]

Kabul Zoo Fund Tops $130K - [archive]

U.S. zoos help Kabul animals - [archive]

Fundraising effort tops $130,000 for Kabul Zoo [archive]

Kabul zoo mercy mission due to start - [archive]

Animal Rights

AMP: animal testing & terrorism - [archive]

Why PETA's targeting bin Laden - [archive]

Mines and UXO's

24,000 Unexploded Bomblets - [archive]

The Hidden Enemies - [archive]

The deadly job of training demining dogs in Afghanistan - [archive]

Depleted Uranium

US Bombing, Depleted Uranium's Lasting Effects - [archive]

Depleted Uranium Toxicity in Afghanistan - [archive]

Central Asia Concern Grows that U.S. Has Used Depleted Uranium [archive]


Camels, Long Nights for U.S. Troops - [archive]

Assessment of Afghan Environment Proposed for Reconstruction - [archive]

(Afghanistan) Lone camel found by Marines - [archive]

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